Our brand was founded with a purpose to find a solution to reduce waste in body and hand products. We are committed to measure how much carbon emission we are reducing from shipping, storing and offering water-less products as well as single use plastic free products. When we find out this number – which should be much less than your liquid soap – we work with a carbon reduction organisation www.nono2.com.au to offset our carbon emission.


Considered Ingredients

Everything we put in our body affects our health and the environment in which we live, that’s we are obsessive about every single ingredient we put in our products. All our ingredients are plant derived or plant based with added gentle cleansing and moisturising minerals.


Locally Made

All our products are locally sourced and made in Melbourne Australia – apart from our ocean waste reusable foaming pumps which we could not produce locally.


Animal Welfare

We are a 100% cruelty free brand and are against testing on Animals at any shape of form. We ask our community to test our formulations and give us feedback to improve our products.



We are committed to finding ways to reduce our carbon footprints and do better for the planet by excluding any non-plant-based ingredients in our formulations.


Considered Materials

We take every opportunity to make it easy for our customers to reduce their footprint. That’s why all our packaging materials are reusable and made from recycled waste and are either recyclable or certified home compostable. All our prints are vegetable inks.