the baresop story

baresop. is a modern-day zero-waste personal care brand that keeps your body clean – and your conscience too.

We’re here to shake up the personal care industry.

For as long as we’ve been using them, our shampoo, conditioner, hand wash and home cleaning products have been sold in disposable plastic bottles. Not only do these bottles end up in landfills, but they require tonnes of carbon emissions to transport their weight around the world. 

Today, we’re facing a plastics crisis and more and more rubbish is ending up where it shouldn’t. Our oceans, sea life and climate bear the brunt of our single-use plastic-driven way of life.

Baresop Sachet with Pump Bottle
Baresop Sachets

Finding the solution

Back in 2018, our Founder, Prisca Ongonga-Daehn embarked on a journey to lead a more sustainable life after a conversation with her teenage daughter, who was becoming increasingly concerned about the planet’s future. While she could find solutions for cleaning, kitchen and household items, Prisca quickly became frustrated by the lack of simple, zero-waste solutions in the personal care and beauty space. 

In her search for the ideal solution, she had real and intentional conversations with communities of like-minded Australians and she discovered that she was not alone in her frustration. She discovered that people all over the country were looking for zero-waste personal care products that were good for the planet, but still good for their skin. This product didn’t exist.

Building baresop

Prisca was certain she wanted to create a product that eliminated the need for single-use plastics. The vision was for a refillable bottle that could be used time and time again. 

But, as part of her sustainability journey, Prisca discovered the extreme levels of carbon emission that are emitted from transporting dense, liquid products around the world. So, she wondered – does this product need to be in liquid form? 

Prisca went on a two-year journey to find a way to cut out the water and innovate a waterless solution that’s kinder on the skin and our planet. 

The result? A plant-based hand and body powder concentrate delivered in a certified home-compostable sachet. And so, in finding a zero-waste solution that’s better for you and the planet, baresop. was born.

Washing hands with Baresop

We currently have two products: a Hand Wash and Body Wash which both come in recycled, premium bottles with refill sachets to keep you stocked up.

Our products are vegan, made in Australia with plant-derived ingredients, and are palm oil and cruelty-free. And, our packaging is made from recycled waste that’s either recyclable or home compostable to help you minimise your single-use plastic usage as much as possible. 

And, to further enhance our impact, we’re proud to partner with Charity Water: a non-profit organisation who brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 

So, for every baresop. product sold, not only do we conserve water and carbon emissions through our powder technology, but we also give water back to those who need it most. 

Saving the world, one wash at a time. Sounds pretty good, right?

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