We’re committed to transparency of our supply chain, supporting local businesses and impacting the communities


We love our four-legged furry friends, and it would be wired for us to test our products on them


Because why should you be consuming toxic chemicals through your skin? 


Our products are intended to be recycled and reused

Who we are?

we’re creating impactful change with every wash  

creating; innovating solutions that make it easy to make the swap 

changing; reimagining how people make, use and dispose of personal care products 

Impacting; empowering everyone to impact our shared humanity and our planet 

baresop exists to tackle some of the biggest human challenges and is on a journey to eliminate 1 billion single-use plastic bottles from landfill, 50,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided from our atmosphere and 600,000 L of water conserved by 2035. of each L of water we conserve, we make that accessible to grass-root communities that have no access to clean and safe drinking water.


How Does It Work?

Made with clean plant based ingredients and forms the base of your purposeful hygiene care ritual.

Our Best Selling Product

Hand Wash Starter Kit Duo

Hand Wash Starter Kit Duo


Considered packaging

baresop makes it easy to reduce your single-use plastic waste and carbon footprint from your everyday hygiene care experience. 

our bottles are made from locally-sourced recycled things and are recyclable. Our sachets are made in Melbourne from home compostable paper. 

Considered Ingredients

we believe you shouldn't compromise the quality of your everyday hygiene routine to do good. that’s why we are obsessive about every single ingredient that goes into our products. 

all our ingredients are clean, vegan, and plant-based with added moisturizing minerals + uplifting native Australian botanical scents.

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