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Perfect for a two sink home. This unisex nourishing and uplifting hand cleanser comes in a convenient 300ml refillable size (that’s less plastic, CO2 emission and less water wastage!) promises to get you squeaky clean, while still respecting the luxury and experience of your hand cleansing routine.

Our approach is one of simplicity and purity, featuring solely essential, potent, and efficacious clean components. A mere addition of water transforms these ingredients into a high-performance elixir for your skin. 

This hand wash starter kit is available in two uplifting and nourishing scents of Australian native bush scent of Bushberries and Applewood and Desert Lime and Coconut. adds to the uplifting and skin nourishing hand wash experience that you love. 

Fun fact: Did you know that embracing our water-efficient revitalizing hand wash translates to conserving water during your hand wash routine?

What are the benefits of baresop foaming hand cleanser;

  • Makes it easy for you to avoid single use plastic waste and CO2e emission 
  • Water conserved is made accessible to communities running out of clean drinking water
  • This Uplifting clean and plant based formula is perfect for banishing grime, refreshing the skin 
  • Scented with Australian native bush scents of Bushberries and Applewood or Desertlime and Coconut
  • Sink side uplifting refillable and recyclable 300ml HDPE bottle made in Melbourne from your curb side recycled waste
  • Suitable for all skin types.

    How Our Refillable Hand And Body Wash

    Our hand and body wash powder has easy instructions for refilling. Read below to learn how to refill our hand soap dispenser. The convenient refill process of our baresop. hand and body wash ensures you can reuse our dispenser and reduce waste in the process.

    add about 3/4 warm water

    add the powder and gently
    swirl the bottle to mix

    fill remainder of bottle with water

    release the magic

    Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate

    This is a plant derived gentle cleanser used in most personal care products.


    This ingredient is found naturally in some food. It’s also made when things like wine, beer and cheese ferment – the good stuff.

    Sodium Dehydroacetate

    This is a nature identical salt preservative ingredient and approved for use in natural cosmetics.

    Sodium Citrate

    This is just the salt from citric acid - which is naturally found in lemons and oranges. Also found in edible food such as yogurt, cheese and wine

    Sodium Benzoate

    This is the pillar that keeps our powder concentrate foaming soap fresh over a long period of time. Ours is derived from plants

    Sodium Phytate

    This is also just another form of salt. Ours is derived from corn. Yes! The sweet kind

    Citric Acid

    A safe acid found in citrus plants such as lemons and oranges and has a natural cleansing ability. Tough on the bad stuff but gentle on your skin

    Glyceryl Caprylate

    A coconut derived preservative booster so you can safely use your hand wash for longer 

    Hydrated Silica

    This beauty is also found in most toothpastes

    Cocoyl Proline

    We love Coconut. We took coconut goodness and created a high performing hand wash powder that you love. This is the ingredient that further improves the effectiveness of our waste free hand wash


    Just a tiny bit so we can keep our products waste-free and super concentrated

    Lavender Flower Essential Oil

    This is what makes our hand wash foaming soap smell so good. Just the right amount to give you that gentle and pleasant whiff of essential oil scent.


    Mandarin Rind Essential Oil

    This is what makes our hand wash foaming soap smell like fresh Oranges and add additional cleanse to your hands.

    Powder Concentrate

    Should I use distilled or filtered warm water only with the powder concentrate?

    If you live in a developed world, like Australia, then warm tap water is okay, if you live in a place with no clean tap water then distilled or filtered water is recommended. 

    Are your products tested on animals?

    The thought of doing that makes us sad :( The only animals we use for testing are our own bodies. Friends usually test it next. If they like it and ask for more, we keep it.

    Are your powder concentrate products made of natural ingredients?

    Yes, all our formulations are natural and plant derived or made from natural identicals. 

    Does your powder concentrate contain Palm Oil?

    No, we wouldn't even consider it. 

    Are your products suitable for vegetarians?

    Yes, all our formulations are natural and plant derived or made from natural identicals. 

    Are all of our ingredients listed on our sachet packaging?

    Totally! Baresop takes transparency very seriously and believes it’s important to inform people on what they are putting on their skin. No secrets here...we are as proud of our recycled bottles as we are of the goodness inside. 

    Are your products suitable for vegans?

    Yes, all our products are Vegan friendly.

    Are your products certified organic

    Our products are made of natural ingredients, but not all of them are certified organic. Organic certification can be very useful when it comes to unprocessed food to ensure it is free of pesticides and not genetically modified. We have chosen to focus on natural, edible ingredients based on how much they help the skin rather than whether or not they get the tick of approval by organic certifying bodies. Natural is almost always best in our opinion.

    Are your products GE and GMO free?

    Yes, our powder concentrates are free from GMOs and GEs, making them suitable for those who prefer to use GMO free skin care products in their routine.

    Are your products gluten free?

    Yes, all our powder concentrates are gluten-free, making them suitable for those looking for gluten-free body wash options.

    Do you use artificial fragrance

    No, that would be uncool. We use Australian botanical natural oils. 

    Are your products biodegradable and septic tank safe

    Yes! We formulated our products with a commitment to create a biodegradable and environmentally friendly solution. 

    Are your products made in Australia?

    Yes! All our entire products and packaging are locally sourced and made apart from our recycled ocean waste foaming pumps that we source from a Danish company who manufactures them in China - and that’s because we could not find any supplier for recycled foaming pumps in Australia. Let us know if you know of any one who could supply this locally.

    I have extreme allergies and sensitive skin, can I still use your hand wash?

    Everybody is different and what works for some will not for others. Some people have allergies to natural ingredients. As with all natural products, we do suggest you do a patch test first to ensure no reactions.

    How do I do a patch test?

    Apply a pea-sized amount of product as close as possible to the most affected area and leave for 24 hours. If any sort of irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. If you do not experience any irritation you may go ahead and use as directed.


    What are your powder sachets certified home compostable?

    Yes, all our sachets are certified home compostable. Please don’t throw them in the bin. Throw them out with your food scraps. Or put them inside the dirt in your indoor plant, they will turn to plant soil. That’s what most of our customers do :) (as below)

    Are all your packaging made out of recycled materials and are recycling friendly after use?

    One of our core business values is to minimize environmental impact and promoting sustainability, that's why we use eco-friendly skincare packaging made from recycled materials and aim to create less waste. When you receive a starter kit with the recycled shipping box, you can reuse it for storage around your house or send it back to reuse again - postage free.

    How can I compost the sachet?

    All our sachets are certified home compostable!. Please don’t throw them in the bin. Throw away your sachet with them out with your food scraps. Or put them inside the dirt in your indoor plant., they will turn to plant soil. That’s what most of our customers do :)

    Why do you use recycled plastic packaging and not glass?

    We get you. Our choice to use recycled refillable plastic bottles for our sustainable skin care packaging can be confusing. Here is why. When we did our market research, we found out that glass bottles pose a risk for those with young kids. And secondly, in Australia, the Glass Recycling industry is non-existent. Let us know if you know of any recycled glass supplier in Australia and we commit to explore it, as an option for those without young kids at home.

    Do your products contain micro plastic?

    Absolutely not. Micro-plastics are usually made from polyethylene, nylon, and polypropylene, we do not use any of these ingredients. As part of our commitment to sustainable skin care packaging, we make sure to avoid the use of microplastics in our products and packaging.

    Shipping and Returns

    What’s your return policy?

    Baresop has a 100% customer satisfaction policy. If you are not satisfied with a product(s) you have purchased online, we will happily organize a refund or exchange. Simply contact us via our email (you will get weird SPAM bots if you include your email in full) explaining whether you want a refund or exchange for the product(s) and a reason for the return or exchange (is there a way you can automate this process? A form? So that you’re not doing it manually? Do you have another email address they can contact? customerservice@baresop?. From there we can arrange to have the products return to us.

    Do you ship internationally?

    At the moment, we only ship within Australia but will be shipping to your country very soon. Subscribe to our newsletter here (link) for exclusive our updates so you are the first to know! when.

    Do you offset your carbon emission from shipping your products?

    Yes! This is something we do gladly. With each shipping, our partner calculates how much carbon we have emitted and we plant any amount of trees that offset that emission.

    Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
    Based on 15 reviews
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    15 reviews
    • B
      Verified Reviewer
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      1 week ago
      A household favourite!

      I recently bought Baresop's Sustainable Organic Hand Cleanser in the Berries and Applewood scent, and I must say, it has quickly become a household favourite. Not only does it offer a refreshing cleansing experience, but it also aligns perfectly with my commitment to sustainable and organic products.

    • BH
      Barbara H.
      Flag of Australia
      Verified Buyer
      I recommend this product
      Rated 4 out of 5 stars
      10 months ago
      Terrific product

      It is a wonderful product and concept altho I would like a different colour bottle and fragrance for the handwash.

    • K
      Flag of Australia
      I recommend this product
      Rated 4 out of 5 stars
      1 year ago
      Great concept, easy process and ok to use

      Bottles are good quality, process works and is simple…and is great from the point of view that liquid is not being trucked around unnecessarily. I’ve used foam washes before and the fragrance I received I’m not so keen on so will explore others or make my own. I did accidentally choose a different foam wash fragrance from the one I wanted and wrote immediately to ask that it be swopped but never received a response, The four stars given are due to the initiative of making this product line.

    • K
      Flag of Australia
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      1 year ago
      Lovely & feels good

      Finally, there is an alternative to using disposable plastic soap bottles and bar soap which can be messy and inconvenient.

      It was so simple to follow the 1,2,3 instructions.

      The soap is really lovely and foamy, and smooth on my skin. I was worried it wouldn't stay foamy, but two weeks later it's still the same as the first day!!

    • C
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      2 years ago

      This product is innovation at it’s finest! The smell is so soft, the foaming result is beautiful and it couldn’t be easier to create! I loved that I could chuck the sachet into my garden after refilling for it to decompose! I’m converted for life!

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