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Learn about how ethical practices are leading the shift towards personal care products with sustainable, natural, clean, and plant-based ingredients.  

Natural, Ethical, & Clean : The Shift Towards Mindful Personal Care  

If you’ve recently spent time at a shopping centre, on social media, or browsing online retailers, you will have noticed quite a significant change in the personal care space.

The industry is currently undergoing a major shift towards producing natural, sustainable, and clean personal care products. One of the major catalysts for this movement is the increasing level of awareness that consumers have when it comes to the impact that their buying decisions have on their health and the environment. As such, people shopping in this space are searching more and more frequently for personal care products that use natural, clean, and plant-based ingredients, from producers who are transparent about the sustainability of their business practices. 

The call for natural & plant-based products in personal care 

Growing awareness around the potential health and environmental risks associated with the use of traditional personal care ingredients is a key factor in the current shift towards the use of more and more natural and plant-based products.  

The search for healthier, more gentle ingredients  

A staggering majority of conventional personal care products contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals linked to a wide range of health complications, including allergic reactions, skin irritation, and in some cases even more concerning conditions. These concerns have prompted many shoppers in the personal care space to become increasingly interested in alternative products that are more natural, and more sensitive to the skin.  

Seeking sustainable practices

The global personal care industry currently produces approximately 120 billion units of packaging every year, the majority which aren’t recyclable and end up in land-fill. What’s worse is the realisation that these numbers are only projected to grow at rate of 5.1% annually between now and 2030. While there are no instant solutions to an issue of this scale, many shoppers are taking matters into their own hands. By diverting their purchasing power toward alternative products made using environmentally friendly practices, consumers are essentially using this buying power to reshape the detrimental path that the personal care industry has been taking for too long.   

Natural, sustainable personal care with baresop.  

When it comes to crafting natural personal care solutions, here at baresop. We take matters of sustainability with the utmost concern. In fact, the very concept of baresop. came from a conversation between our founder, Prisca Ongonga-Daehn, and her daughter. They were searching for zero-waste products within the personal care and beauty space that was also gentle and nourishing for the skin. After a long and frustrating search, Prisca found that not only did this product not exist, but there were also several like-minded Australians undertaking the exact same search. Left with no other choice, Prisca embarked on a two-year journey to create natural, plant-based personal care products, that are just as friendly to the skin as they are our planet. Learn more about our story here.   

Our mindfully made natural personal care products  

Currently, we have two products: a Hand Wash and Body Wash, both of which have been crafted using only naturally-derived ingredients with sustainability at the forefront of their design concept. Our plant-derived, natural personal care products all come in powdered form to ensure minimal water wastage carbon emissions take place during production and transportation. The packaging we use also helps to minimise single-use waste due to its materials consisting of recycled waste that’s either completely recyclable, or home compostable. What’s more, we are also a proud partner of Charity Water, ensuring that we not only conserve as much water as possible in our production process, but for every product sold we also give clean drinking water to those who need it most.   





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