The baresop. journey: A conversation with Prisca

Well, hello there, eco-warriors and sustainability lovers! Today, we've got a story to tell straight from the heart of baresop. Our founder, Prisca, is giving us a heart-to-heart on her epic journey into the world of eco-conscious living and sustainability. Buckle up, because we're about to dive into the story of how baresop. emerged from a passion for making a change without compromising everyday life.

Prisca, your journey to founding baresop is truly inspiring. Can you share more about your personal background and what led you to develop a deep passion for sustainability and eco-conscious living?

A few things came together and compounded my journey to baresop concept and to create a solution that made it easy for everyone to create change without compromising their everyday lifestyle. 

Having just returned to Australia after living in SE Asia where l witnessed first-hand how much single use plastic was immersed in our everyday life, and outspoken daughter whose main wish in life is to be able to find a solution to cleaning the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch. 

Wanting to own the narrative and do the bit we could to be part of the solution to this big problem, we went on a journey to shift our consumption habits. Whilst it was much easier to find solutions for the kitchen space, it was a challenge to find solutions for bathroom (personal care) products at the time. . Research on how much waste we were creating from personal care products and lived experience in difficulty finding an easy, convenient and a solution that was fully closed loop presented a responsibility to create the solution I wanted. And bring the community along with me to create positive change.

baresop concept has become more than a solution; it's a declaration of intent. It bears witness to our refusal to succumb to convenience at the expense of our planet and shared humanity. It stands for a choice - a choice to confront the problems that felt insurmountable and to uncover the solutions that exists within our grasp.

What were some pivotal experiences or moments in your life that made you acutely aware of the environmental issues associated with single-use plastics and the carbon footprint of personal care products?

During this discovery phase, when I dug deeper into research on the waste from bathroom space and solutions available, I was shocked to find that the bathroom space was not at the forefront of waste free innovation and the amount of SUP waste, Co2 emission and water waste from daily personal care hygiene was staggering. And the design of 90% diluted water personal care products was a big part of that problem.

Creating an innovative, waterless solution is a unique approach. Can you tell us about the process of developing the plant-based hand and body powder concentrate? What were the key breakthroughs or challenges in this journey?

Your traditional hand, body, shampoo and conditioner is 90% water and 10% active ingredients. Essentially, we're just shipping and storing diluted water and plastic across the world. This results in tonnes of carbon emission and billions of single-use plastic waste. It makes no sense. 

The baresop concept removes the water and crystallises only active ingredients into a powder to foam concentrate into a 15g paper sachet. This comes with a refillable bottle (made in Melbourne from Aussie recycled things) When you run out, you just re-order as sachet refill. 

Not only does it eliminate the need to buy a single plastic soap it also eliminates the CO2 emitted during the transportation of heavy diluted soap and because it’s designed to conserve water, you don't need as much water to rinse it off. 


As the founder of baresop, how do you envision the company's role in revolutionising the personal care industry and setting new standards for sustainability?

We exist to Create impactful change with every wash. Here’s how we break down these 3 elements that guide how we engage with the problem and how we work to solve it. 

Create: Innovating product solutions  that make it easy for everyone to be on the right side of history 

  • Impactful: impact our shared humanity and our Planet
  • Change: How people engage with hygiene care products for good
  • Purpose: We’re making it easy for everyone to create change with every wash without compromising your everyday hygiene experience

Mission: We’re eliminating 1 billion single-use plastic bottles from landfill, 5000 tonnes of CO2 and 600,000L of water conservation by 2035. 

Impact: We work with water access charities and provide clean and safe drinking water to communities that need it.

What measures or practices has baresop put in place to ensure transparency and accountability in its mission to reduce single-use plastics and carbon emissions while providing clean water to those in need?

It’s always a work in progress. To start we are keeping ourselves accountable by tying our impact metrics to our financial metrics. How does each unit we sell equate to impact? 

Looking ahead, what are some of the long-term goals and aspirations you have for  baresop in terms of sustainability and social impact? How do you plan to continue making a positive difference in the world?

Our mission of eliminating 1b single use plastic bottles from landfill by 2035 which equates to 50000 tons of CO2 avoided and 600000L of water conserved. Of each litre of water we conserve we plan to make those accessible to communities that are running out of safe and clean water. Without water there is no life. 

Positive impact is one of the key fibres of why we exist and came to be. From 2023, we plan to spend a lot more time working with local grassroot communities to create in-person impact for our shared humanity and our planet. Watch this space!

There you have it, folks! Prisca's incredible journey and baresop's game-changing approach are proof that we can all make a difference, one eco-friendly choice at a time. Let's join Prisca and baresop on this wild ride towards a greener, cleaner, and kinder world!

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