The Link Between Personal Care Products and Marine Pollution

Marine Pollution From Personal Care Products

Even though personal care items are formulated to nourish your skin and body, the industry is notorious for doing the exact opposite to our marine life. Marine pollution from personal care brands is a common occurrence due to the harmful formulation of these products and their packaging. Because of this, many brands are dedicated to the move towards a green future for beauty products in the market. It’s why we started baresop after all! From eco-friendly bathing products to baresop.’s very own hand wash, these are all made to ensure a lesser carbon footprint on the environment.

Read below to learn about the impact of personal care products on marine pollution, and how you can contribute to avoiding these negative effects.

How do personal care products contribute to marine pollution?

Personal care products add to marine pollution through the presence of microplastics. As their name suggests, they are less than five millimetres in length meaning they can easily pass through water filtration systems. They can also come in the form of microbeads that are added to various beauty items. When the microplastics in personal care products reach the ocean and other bodies of water, they pose a threat to aquatic life and habitats.

Furthermore, harmful chemicals also exist in certain cosmetics. When they get washed down the drains of our sinks, showers and baths, they can cause the destruction of coral reefs and other aquatic creatures. Not only this, but the chemicals are often consumed by the fish in these oceans, which results in dangerous repercussions to the health of aquatic animals and their scarcity.

How can you prevent marine pollution from using personal care products?

There are ways to counteract the environmental impact of personal care products and prevent total destruction of these marine ecosystems without sacrificing our beauty routines.

For one, you can replace your chemically-formulated personal care products with green beauty products instead. These are organically-made, have no chemical content and are formulated with safe natural ingredients. Using these helps reduce the negative impact on the environment, which includes greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, and water pollution.

You can also go beyond just using eco-friendly bath products and also apply recycling methods to your beauty plan. For example, you can opt for beauty products with reusable packaging instead. This reduces the waste that goes into landfill and into our oceans.

Use baresop. as your go-to green beauty product!

At baresop. we are driven in our pursuit of a healthy, sustainable environment through our all-around green beauty products. Our hand and body wash items are made with organic materials that are safe, healthy, and pleasant to both your skin and the environment. We’ve also formulated a powdered concentrate to help reduce carbon emissions from having to transfer liquid-based products. And finally, our items come in a refillable bottle and compostable sachets for a totally zero-waste solution.

Save the environment and the oceans when you use baresop.! Check out our collection and find the perfect green beauty product for you.

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