Waterless Beauty Products: The Future of the Beauty Industry

The use of waterless beauty products is just one of the many sustainable beauty initiatives being pushed in recent years. Alongside other sustainable beauty practices such as the use of natural beauty products with organic ingredients and reusable packaging, waterless beauty is also gaining popularity and shaping the future of the beauty industry. But what exactly makes the waterless beauty movement an effective and environmentally-friendly method of personal care?

Read all about the benefits below and find out how waterless beauty products are revolutionising sustainability in the personal care industry.

Waterless beauty products are stronger and more potent than other products

One of the many benefits of waterless beauty products is their potency and strength. While water in personal care products is usually added for ease of use and application, removing water can also have benefits such as strengthening the potency of its ingredients. The lack of water means that it’s less diluted, thus, the product is more concentrated and more effective.

The alternatives to water found in these products, such as oils, extracts, or waxes, also have vitamins and antioxidants that help protect your skin. In short, you get a product that’s more effective in addressing your beauty concerns compared to water-based items.

Waterless beauty products help maintain a sustainable water supply

Freshwater is a resource found in water-based products, and one that also sees use in lots of our activities, from drinking to bathing to doing household chores. It’s also a must for important industries such as farming, power generation, sanitation, and more.

The problem with this is that freshwater makes up only 2.5% of the world’s total amount of water. Out of that, only 1% can be readily used and accessed by people. The use of water-based products greatly decreases our freshwater supply, so it’s a better approach for the personal care industry to go waterless.

Waterless beauty products lessens our carbon footprint

Lastly, the use of waterless beauty products positively impacts the environment by reducing the carbon footprint in the production process. Because waterless products take up less space, they don’t require lots of packaging. The less packaging the better, as the production process contributes to harmful carbon emissions. Moreover, certain packaging types are also not recyclable, so they just go to landfills afterwards, adding to the accumulated waste. With a waterless beauty product, you can diminish the negative impact of all these harmful elements.

With smaller and lighter natural beauty products also comes lesser cost and lesser fuel required to ship them, which keeps the personal care industry more sustainable. Greenhouse gas emissions coming from these modes of product transportation can harm the environment if not addressed. The use of waterless products can reduce the effects of these emissions..

With the positive impact of waterless beauty products on the environment, the future of the beauty industry is looking brighter and greener. That’s why at baresop., we’ve formulated an environmentally-friendly personal care item in the form of our waterless hand and body wash as part of our commitment to sustainable beauty.

Our natural beauty products are as rejuvenating and pleasant to your skin as they are to the environment. They’re also easy-to-use; just add water to our special hand and body wash powder and - voila! You have an effective skincare product in your hands - with a recyclable container to boot!

Join the waterless revolution now, and check out our product range at baresop. for more info.

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