How Motherhood Birthed The Idea Of baresop.

baresop. was born out of the need for fully eco-friendly personal care products, not just in terms of ingredients, but also in terms of packaging. But this impetus for creating eco-friendly personal care products was also encouraged by the bond of our founder Prisca, and her daughter Hannah.

Since Hannah first expressed her concerns for the planet, baresop. Has made continued efforts to contribute to the sustainability initiative, helping reduce waste and diminish carbon emissions, one product at a time.

Read below to find out how motherhood became a core foundation into making baresop. the brand that it is today. Also, read why baresop. is a great sustainable gift idea for all Mums this Mother’s Day in Australia!

A daughter’s vision

Our founder Prisca, started her sustainability journey in 2018, when her then teenage daughter expressed her concern about the rising environmental crisis and the impact human-created waste is having on our planet as a whole. Wanting to help ease her daughter’s worries, Prisca started living green in her own way. Prisca made sure that her family followed a similar sustainable routine, starting with the use of eco-friendly household items.

It was among these efforts that Prisca found that going green was a lot harder than she anticipated. She found our shopping shelves stocked to the brim with unsustainable products, and the choice of eco-friendly options was sorely lacking, especially among beauty and personal care items. Frustrated by the severe lack of choice in stores, Prisca set out on her own mission.

Thus, due to her desire not only to protect the environment but also to be a good mother by standing by her daughter in her passion for environmental sustainability, baresop. was born.

The fruit of a mother’s love

baresop. was created to bring high-quality and sustainable plant-based personal care products in the form of hand and body wash to our wider offering in Australian stores. Our products are formulated as a waterless solution to reduce carbon emissions, and are made with naturally-sourced organic ingredients to reduce harmful chemical integration. We also made all of our product packaging either biodegradable or recyclable to reduce the amount of waste that inevitably ends up in landfill.

Beyond this eco-friendly combination of sustainable products and packaging, baresop. we made the decision to partner with non-profit organisation Charity Water. Charity Water helps bring clean drinking water to third world countries, where this basic resource isn’t easily accessible.

All of these efforts to support and practice sustainability comes from Prisca’s love for her daughter and their now joint desire to create change within an industry that is saturated by negatively impactful products and production methods.

A sustainable, eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift

Looking for the perfect eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift? Allow baresop. to bond your own relationship with your Mum, like it has with our founder Prisca and her daughter.

Our sustainable plant-based hand and body wash formulas are made with natural ingredients that nourish the skin with a luxurious touch. Each wash feels like a pamper session, which is exactly what your Mum deserves.

Besides that, it’s also convenient to use with its easy, waterless formula, and it won’t create too much clutter thanks to the recyclable container. Give her a gift she’ll not only love, but a gift that will have a greater impact.

To learn more about our products and our brand mission, check out our website for more information. You can also buy our eco-friendly personal care products at our online shop. Besides our original formulation, we also have our new Murunga Body Wash to keep skin healthy and refreshed. Buy both for a unique Mother’s Day beauty and skincare gift set.

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