How To Transition To A Natural And Sustainable Skincare Routine

A natural and sustainable skincare routine is now the way to go for beauty and personal care. Not only is this healthier and more gentle on your skin, it’s also a guilt-free way to care for your body. After all, what good is outer beauty if the planet we live in doesn’t receive the same care?

That being said, sustainable personal care requires more than just making use of the best organic beauty products in Australia. It also requires mindfulness in order to maintain a zero-waste lifestyle. Here’s how you can transition your skincare routine into something natural and more sustainable.

Check the beauty products for eco-friendly ingredients

The first step is to check the ingredients of each beauty product to make sure they’re made with eco-friendly materials. Unsustainable ingredients such as parabens, microbeads, and synthetic fragrances are harmful to the environment, so avoid products that use those in their formulation. Opt for environmentally-friendly cosmetics made with plant-based oils and natural exfoliants. These are gentle on the skin and safer for the environment.

Ensure the personal care products are cruelty-free

When personal care products are deemed as cruelty-free, this effectively means that they have not been tested on animals. Animal testing is an unethical part of traditional production methods, with even “mild procedures” known to cause physical and psychological distress on animal subjects. Part of living a sustainable lifestyle is refusing to support brands that continue these unethical practices, so do your research on personal care products to ensure they’re cruelty-free.

Opt for reusable and recyclable items for a zero-waste lifestyle

According to the National Waste Report 2020, the waste in Australia has increased to 74 million tonnes every year. In fact, more than 40% of this waste ends up in landfill. As for water, around 80% of household water is wasted in the country. This shows that an excessive amount of waste is produced every year when we don’t follow zero-waste lifestyle initiatives. Not to mention that continuing to use unsustainable products can lead to a bigger carbon footprint, which is responsible for climate change and air pollution. By using recyclable materials such as reusable cotton or buying beauty products with reusable packaging, you can reduce your waste and your overall carbon footprint.

Your skin deserves the care and pampering you’re giving it, but so does Mother Earth. By practising sustainable skincare and using effective organic beauty products in Australia, you’re taking great care of both your skin and the planet we live in.

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