Making The Switch To Eco-Friendly Hand Wash

In recent years, handwashing has become more of a necessity than ever before. In practicing good hand hygiene, we’ve learned the basics on how to reduce the spreading of diseases – including COVID-19.

However, with an increased emphasis placed on washing our hands and washing them regularly, more and more brands marketing harmful hand wash products have slowly emerged, posing a greater danger to our planet.

Traditional hand washes contain harmful chemicals that not only impact our health but also the environment, meaning that making the switch to eco-friendly hand wash is more important than ever. Here’s why you should consider making the switch today.

The best organic hand wash products are gentle on the skin

One of the best qualities of organic hand wash products is that they are safer, gentler, and feel better on the skin. This means that for those with sensitive skin, it’s better to use than commercial hand wash with harsh chemicals.

Considering these chemically-formulated soaps have substances that have been flagged as concerning, it’s no surprise to learn that they can cause a number of negative skin reactions among other effects. An eco-friendly hand wash proves that keeping the hands clean doesn’t have to be harsh on the skin, but soothing instead.

Eco-friendly hand wash has antioxidizing properties

A 2015 clinical review on the benefits of plant extracts used in organic skin care products, including hand wash, states that these extracts have great antioxidizing benefits to skin health. And since antioxidants are crucial in keeping skin soft and hydrated, a hand wash with these qualities does absolute wonders to your hands’ overall softness and feel.

Organic hand wash smells the best with natural fragrances

Even without the harmful synthetic fragrances of commercial soaps, organic hand wash still smells the best. This is because the essential oils used have gentle and pleasant natural scents that leave your hands smelling as fresh as a flower.

Our hand wash products for example use lavender flower or mandarin rind essential oils for that wonderful, zesty scent! And the best part? They have none of the harsh effects of those harmful scents in chemically-formulated soaps.

Locally-grown vegan ingredients are used in these hand wash products

A product is considered organic when the ingredients used are grown locally with zero pesticides and artificial fertilizers. This helps avoid any harmful effects from the chemicals used in the process. And with the ingredients being locally-grown and vegan, this helps support our farmers and producers. Better for the skin and also better for the economy.

An organic hand wash is eco-friendly and animal-friendly

The lack of harsh chemicals means that there is no harmful environmental footprint left in its wake. Organic hand wash also doesn't involve any animal testing, nor do they use ingredients taken from animals. By supporting these cruelty-free and environment-friendly options, you’re assured a guilt-free and ethical product that’s effective in improving hygiene, as well as the impact on our ecosystem.

Where to get zero waste eco-friendly hand wash in Australia?

At baresop., we are proud to carry zero waste and eco-friendly hand wash available in the Australian market. One bottle of our products contains an organic formulation designed to moisturize hands in every wash, making sure it feels healthy, glowing, and rejuvenated. Check out our online store for our hand wash bundles and other products!

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