Why Go For Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Packaging?

The push for sustainability in the beauty and personal care industry now goes beyond just the actual products. Sure, creating eco-friendly skin care items is still a high priority, but brands need to go all out if they want to be a wholly sustainable brand. This means that not only do the products need to be eco-friendly and green on all fronts, but the packaging needs to reflect this ethos too.

But why exactly is biodegradable packaging such a big deal? Here’s why baresop. is part of this movement pushing for eco-friendly packaging in Australia.

Environmentally-friendly packaging is better for the planet and everyone in it

According to Sustainability Victoria, around 1.9 million tonnes in packaging are thrown away by Australians every year. Just think about how much energy and water is used to produce and transport all of those. This adds up to a heavy amount of carbon emissions being produced and emitted into our environment, poisoning our plants and resources.

Producing and utilising sustainable packaging for beauty products allows the industry to distribute products with a significantly reduced carbon emission rate, helping to conserve our natural resources. Eco-friendly packaging, especially those which are biodegradable, also produce less waste to pollute the environment, making it all the better and healthier for us and the future generation.

Recyclable packaging is convenient for customers

Traditional packaging comes with lots of waste and clutter left behind once you’re done using a product. Unfortunately, this means that a large amount of waste ends up in landfill, adding to an ever-growing pile of trash that can’t be utilised again.

This is why at baresop. we manufacture 100% recyclable packaging made from home compostable waste to minimise single-use plastic. It can be reused multiple times, which means there’s less clutter afterwards, and more importantly, less waste in our landfill. And since you don’t need to throw your refillable bottle away, you ultimately help reduce your waste while having a convenient soap dispenser to reuse time and time again!

Eco-friendly packaging is less expensive

Another win for brands that use environmentally-friendly packaging in Australia is that it won’t break the budget. Less packaging materials used means less money to produce, ship, and store them. Brands can focus on improving their products with the best natural ingredients instead of having to spend extra, just for packaging.

Pushing for sustainable, eco friendly packaging in Australia

At baresop., we believe that being a brand in the personal care industry is about more than just skin care. Our mission is to take care of the environment, and what we can do to help preserve the longevity of our planet. We hope to inspire more companies to follow us in the push for eco-friendly initiatives, including the continued use of sustainable and recyclable packaging in and around the beauty industry. That way, we may continue living on a happy and healthy planet.

Experience the advantages of eco-friendly beauty products – from the formulation down to the packaging! Check out our website for more information about our brand and mission, as well as our online shop for our range of soothing natural skin care products.

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